Dreamland Roller Rink is a themed, dress up, roller skating experience which utilizes immersive performance to transport guests into a retro fabulous Dreamland through dazzling performers, DJS and an MC who narrates the spectacle as it unfolds.




Each event has a different musical and dress up theme which creates a unique and exciting experience every time.  

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We encourage all of our guests to dress up in costumes!  Rock an outfit that coincides with the theme of the night, dig out your sparkly disco outfit….. or wear a totally random costume!  We will love you just the same… just be FAB!  While costumes are not mandatory, they do help to transports you outside of your personal boundaries, into a magical world where you can be anything you wish- at least for one night in Dreamland!

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Our dazzling performers elevate the experience by creating visual magic in the center of the rink!  Hula Hoopers!  Cyr Wheel!  Jugglers!  Drag Divas!  Burlesque Stars and more!

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Red Carpet

Strut your stuff and feel like a star on our red carpet & photo op step and repeat!  Another great reason to dress up!  Dreamland Roller Rink has social media photo opportunities galore!  Werk it on the red carpet and post your fabulousness for all to see you in your fab roller disco glory (we wont tell them about how you lost your balance right after, lol)!


The blissful soundtrack of good vibes and rad beats is and essential aspect of the Dreamland experience.  We are very selective about our DJs.  They must be able to cultivate rad vibes and positivity on the dance floor…. as well as keeping the groove on!


The skate dance competition is one of the highlights of our events.  You are welcome to watch the splendors or participate solo or with your partner or group of friends.  Each contestant or group gets 30 seconds to show off their most awesome roller disco moves and compete to win fabulous prizes.  The dance floor is full of supportive love for whoever participates!  Skating skills are not necessary!  We judge based on confidence, pizazz and awesomeness, not skating skill.  MAJOR bonus points for a super fab outfit!  All are welcome to compete and shine in the spotlight during our skate dance competition.


Just to make dressing up even more enticing…. each event also has a costume contest!  Strut your RAD lewks on the roller disco catwalk during our costume contest and win fab prizes!  


We LOVE Birthdays at Dreamland!  It is a HUGE honor to celebrate your birthday with you and your crew!  Everyone who is celebrating a birthday gets a shout out and moment to shine during our birthday song!  You and your crew are welcome to dance in the center of the rink during the birthday song…. so get ready to rock the rink and launch into your next year of life with the most spectacular roller disco celebration!

Roller Disco MC

Each events also has an MC who narrates the dazzling Dreamland Roller Disco spectacle as it unfolds!  Their job is to get the party vibe rockin’ to the highest level of day-glo joy and disco consciousness!   


Above all, the most remarkable aspect of Dreamland is our beautifully diverse, accepting, supportive “Skate Fam”  and the incredible community we’ve built around our roller skating events.

We welcome everyone to transcend perceived differences and find unity, joy & love on the dance floor, leaving the experience feeling transformed, hopeful, connected & renewed.